Experto credite

"Trust the experienced", believed Vergilius, the cherished and revered bard of the Augustan age.

Is the saying not also appropriate for this era of ours, as well?

Plutal specializes in production of closures for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Founded in 1912, it has achieved a reputation as the European and international closure manufacturer with its own know-how, up-to-date systems and technological process, integral transport, engineering, maintenance and measurement technique.

In July 1992, Plutal has been awarded with the Certificate of Quality Standards ISO 9001 for its high level of quality in bottle closures supply, bottling and closing technology, engineering and technical advice.

Important step forward

From June 2000 Plutal operates under the name Plutal 2000 d.o.o. The change of the name is of minor importance, but it is a big step forward since at that time Plutal became (owned) a part of Rauh group - Germany.

The factory's quality assurance department has the most up-to-date laboratories for testing materials and products. Quality controllers are on the alert in all stages of the production process, so there is not a single moment in which production would not be under strict control.

These pages introduce only the basic production program. In addition to this program, production of smaller series including technical advice and design, as required by the customer, is available.


If you have any questions, would like to get an offer or would like any additional information do not hesitate to contact us.

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